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Using Flourish Freelance Cloud based SaaS will help you supercharge your freelance projects and meet every deadline.
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Everything Needed to Meet Every Deadline

With our system of highlighting overdue tasks and email notifications to ensure that no tasks, even the small ones, go unnoticed and give the best value to your clients.

Email Notifications

You will be sent emails when tasks go overdue, so that you never forget about a task.

Deadline Management

Using the breaking down of projects into tasks and using the AI tools. Your deadlines can be met faster and more efficiently.

Billables Calculator

Track your billable hours with our total hours calculator which requires either logging time manually or with our built in stopwatch feature.

Project Management

Manage the tasks in your project with the main feature of our SaaS. Ensure every task is met and easily add, update and delete tasks in each project.

No Download Required

With our cloud based SaaS you don't need to wait for a download to complete before using our services. This will speed up the integration with your current workflow

Multiple Projects

Control and manage multiple projects all in one place with our simple sidebar, and give a unique description from the client to each.

Maximize Efficiency with Our Innovative AI Tools

AI Task Generation

Use the project description to generate to-do tasks with the cutting edge GPT-4o AI.

AI Feature Generation

Use the project description to generate key features to base the project from using GPT-4o AI.

AI Set Priority

Use AI to set priority of tasks automatically so you don't have to manage which tasks has the highest priority.

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Stay Organized, Deliver On Time

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